On this page you can find lots of random Rio information. It is basically a collection of sections I couldn’t find a good category for, it includes shopping, cinema, beauty and random useful tourist info. Many of these pages are very useful so have a look through.

Tourist Info – Useful Stuff for the Visitor

In this category I cover pretty much everything that is realted to services for foreigners. You have info and tips about consulates, post offices, banks, safety, churches, money exchange, hospitals and visas. Facts and stats are also provided. Just click here to go to the Tourist Info section.

Rio Info About Shopping

This section is huge and extremely useful if you are looking to do some purchases. It can tell where and how you can get the best things for the lowest prices. There are specific pages about shopping for surf board shops, bikinis, football shirts, alcohol, souvenirs, fruits, electronics, art, music, instruments and many more. Click here to go to the Shopping in Rio section.


To write Rio info and not mention beauty would be impossible. I have several pages about where to get a haircut, get your upper lip waxed or your nails done. The concept of beauty in Rio is also described. Go to Beauty in Rio by cicking this link.

Rio Info – Museums

Here I have covered all the best museums in Rio. There are quite a few of them and not all of them are in guide books. To go to the Museums in Rio pages just click the link.

Volunteer Work and Cinema

Many people want to do volunteer work in Rio, go to Volunteer Work in Rio to check out what information I have on that topic. I try to explain a little bit how NGO’s work and what possibilities you have to work for them. I also have a page about Cinema in Rio, her I explain about film festivals and give som practical tips and provide useful links.

  • Rio’s Waterholes – The Pé-sujo

    Pé-sujo CaroliceSome large cities have developed quite defined eating and drinking establishments, Rio de Janeiro is one of those. Perhaps the most interesting and special is a variety in the local vernacular referred to as pé-sujo which translates to "dirty feet"… Read more…

  • Famous Outlaws and Criminals From Brazil – Part One – Lampião

    Lampião and his band.All countries have them; outlaws and criminals that have reached almost legendary status. Names like Spartacus, Robin Hood and Jesse James have sparked the imagination of both writers and ordinary people since thousands of years. In this article series I… Read more…