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On this site you can find loads of unique and useful travel information about Rio de Janeiro, but it is more than just a travel site. You have the weekly newsletter with fresh and updated info on what is going, there are articles that delve deep into the culture and history of Rio. If you would have particular topics you want to discuss there is, a message board where I personally participate to make sure your questions are answered.

Bem Vindo!


  • Bacalhau – Brazil’s Most Loved Fish

    Bacalhau Rio. Bacalhau, dried and salted cod is the core ingredient in many dishes most treasured by Brazilians. Today it is a quite expensive ingredient and mostly reserved for special occasions, that was not always the case. Arriving in a new culture… Read more… 

  • Manioc Root in Brazil

    manioc roots In Brazil there is one tuber that is capable of creating stronger reactions than any other, the root of the manioc. An important source of carbohydrates, processed and used in innumerable ways it has a clear connotation to Indians and… Read more… 

  • 9th Weekly 2015 – Fri 27th of February

      Hello Everyone! Carnival is definitely over and things are returning to normal. Unfortunately the reports of people getting hit by stray bullets continue to come in, Tuesday night a girl was hit in the leg walking on the main street in Copacabana, it was 22h30 at night. The situation… Read more… 

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