When I started the site gringo-rio.com back in 2007 I had no other clear goal than to share some tips and info about the city I like so much. From the start I have had great response, it seems like they appreciate my pretty direct style of writing.

When I started the site there was not so many sites about Rio out there, over the years that has changed so that these days you have several nice and interesting blogs and sites with info related to Rio de Janeiro. Graually I felt how my site started to feel old and I felt I needed a change, eventually I decided to move my site to WordPress and also start a forum. It took me several months to get it right, finally in April 2014 the launch of the new site was complete.

Straight away I have experienced how my visitors appreciate the new structure and all added features. I hope I can continue to grow so that eventually it can become a substantial income for me, something it never has been at least until today. Alongside keeping all the info updated in the travel section I also try to publish at least two articles about Rio every month. I closely follow and post frequently on The Rio Forum. I also publish a weekly newsletter with useful info and some thoughts.

If you sign up to my site you would get notice in your e mail whenever I publish something new. Starting a forum is quite slow, it would be great if you could be one of the first to use it. And of course, liking, sharing and all that Facebook jazz helps me a lot.

I finance the site with direct ads and Google ads, I have a few contextual ads that all are clearly indicated as such.

I appreciate any suggestions!

All the best!

Hakan, May 2014

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