There is certainly no lack of big events in Rio. Every year you have Carnival and New Years, every other year there is Rock in Rio. This year will be the 2016 the Summer Olympics.

Big Events in Rio - Rainha da Bateria © Douglas Engle

Carnival is on of the big annual events in Rio. Here the Rainha da Bateria of Tijuca is parading through Sambódromo in 2004.

Big Events in Rio – A Perfect Match?

Rio de Janeiro is in many ways perfect for larger events, the city has been housing two of the world’s biggest parties for decades (NY and Carnival) so the experience to handle big crowds is there. Several huge free concerts have been held on Copacabana beach, with great success, Rolling Stones in 2006 is one of the more famous. Several arenas can house large audiences both for sporting and music events. The Cariocas are good hosts since in general they are a party loving bunch, coupled with a good climate and beutiful scenery big events held in Rio have a perfect foundation.

I have tried to describe these events on a number of pages you can reach by clicking the links below, you will arrive at pages with more detailed info on the specific events.

Carnival in Rio The world’s biggest party goes on for almost a week and attracts people from all over the world.

New Years in Rio Every year millions of people gather along the beaches in Rio to celebrate the New Year.

Rock in Rio The success of the events in 2011, 2013 and 2015 has guaranteed the return of Rock in Rio to Rio in 2017.

Summer Olympics 2016 The second big international event. Read about it here.

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