“Where should we go tonight?” How many times have I not received that question! The nightlife in Rio de Janeiro has so much to offer; live music, nightclubs, bars, concerts, street parties and gay… you name it. I will do my best to help you make the best choices!

Nightlife in Rio – Bars, Nightclubs, Live Music and Street Parties

To make it all easier I have separated the information for you into various pages, clicking the text links that follow will take you to there. Under Nightclubs in Rio you info about all the best clubs and some useful tips. Go to Live Music in Rio to find a list of the best Samba and live clubs in Rio. There is also the Gay Nightclubs in Rio page. Bars in Rio is with a collection listed by neighbourhood. Some nights there are less options around so it can be hard to find a place to go to, therefore I have the page Nightlife Suggestions for Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays where you find some of the few options around.

Nightlife in Rio has more to offer, I have tried to explain some of the options on the following pages. On Street Parties in Rio you can learn about those. Finally I have put together some info and links for the different Concerts in Rio. All in all Rio is a great place to party and the variety of options is great, nightlife in Rio de Janeiro can really give you memories for life, go out there and have some fun!


Let’s get this thing about prices straight from the start, Rio is quite expensive compared to many other South American countries. There are ways to spend less though, here are a few useful tips regarding spending money.

– Don´t drink imported, stick to nationally produced beverages.
– Don’t forget about the cover charge when you are in a live music place.
– Don’t forget about the almost obligatory 10% service charge when you are being served at a table.
– Don’t fall into the “drink card trap”, the boxes on that card gets checked faster than you think, beware!

– Do drink cheap beer before you enter the establishment, preferrably from the trunk of a vendors car just outside the club.
– Do check before you go in how much entrance is.

Water bottle sandal

Copy of Passport

Always bring a copy of your passport with you, actually some clubs won’t let you in without one. Also helps to stop obnoxious policemen from harassing you since by law you actually always have to carry ID.


Although Havaianas is a very comfortable and cool footwear it does not go as club gear here. Shorts and flip-flops are great for the corner bar, but if you are aiming for a more upscale place you’d fit better in with pants and shoes. Most nightclubs simply won’t let you in wearing shorts or sandals.


Be careful with drugs, it’s not legal and the police here are not slack at all, habitually they stop cars and taxis searching the passengers. Getting caught with drugs often result in a hefty bribe to the police or actually in some cases deportation.

Rio Times Nightlife Guide

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