Maybe you should try to Sail in Rio? A perfect activity in this city embraced by water and blessed by natural beauty. Rio attracts people from all over the world interested in extreme activities/radical sports, sailing is one of them.

There are Good Reasons to Sail in Rio

Due to its special geographical location, Rio is permanently swept by trading or frontal passage winds. These special conditions make Rio a world-class sailing destination. Over the last few years the city has gotten a lot of international attention through events like the World Cup and the Olympics, a growing number of visitors to the “marvelous city” have tried sailing in Rio and loved it.

Sail in Rio - Kamehameha Regata

Kamehameha Regata. Photo by Cássio Gurjão.


There are two main itineraries. Either Day-Sail programs including half-day sail experiences in the protected waters of Guanabara Bay or full-day adventures like to the Cagarras Archipelago. The Guanabara Bay is the site to many of Rio´s local and international sailing events and it is also the entrance to Rio de Janeiro´s main harbor. The Cagarras Archipelago, just an hour from Guanabara Bay, is formed by five main islands. This group of islands is home of many wild seabirds and sea animals like dolphins and several kinds of fishes. Between the months of July and October some may be lucky to see humpback whales passing by on their annual mating journey from the Antarctica to the Abrolhos archipelago off the coast of the Brazilian northeastern state of Bahia. There are also other options that take people to Ilha Grande or you can make more personalized excursions with a hired skipper.

Sail Operators

So how can you go about this? Actually Cássio Gurjão, who has created the essence of this text, also runs a sailing operation. It is called Sail in Rio (click the link to get to the site), his company offer a good and reliable service, he only operates day tours. I got contacted by Daniel Caulliraux who has a sailing boat that is available for tours, go to his site Veleiro Alice by clicking this link, I would appreciate feedback if anyone goes!

Boat Rental Service

If you want to rent your own boat there is a site called Navegue Temporada (click the link to get to the site), there you find private persons renting out their boats. There are vessels in many categories and price levels. There are speed boats, catamarans, regular sailboats and even yachts.

If you would have a tip for a good company offer trips to Ilha Grande or something please contact me and I can have a look!