Going to so called love motels in Rio de Janeiro is not as seedy as many foreigners believe when they first hear about it. Actually it is many times the only place where young Brazilian couples can spend some quality time together; this because most Brazilians live at home until they get married. Therefor being invited to spending the night in one of those is not an insult or something strange. Naturally it is also a place that often is used for more temporary encounters and as well extra-marital affairs.

whip love motels in rio

A Break From the Dorms?

It is also a good option for the travelling couple who are getting tired of cramped dorms and small bathrooms. Most of the time prices are very reasonable compared to expensive hotels. They have communal swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas and in the rooms you will find cable television and AirCo. From the room service menu you can order things like a Red Riding Hood dress or a whip! Some rooms have thematic furnishing.

Some Addresses to Love Motels in Rio

I have picked out a few that hold a good standard and are in good locations. The three first are on Av. Niemayer just off Leblon with nice views of the sea, the last one is located in Lapa. It is well worth to check the price situation before you go, holidays and high season make prices go up quite a bit.

Sinless Av. Niemayer 214, Vidigal map, tel 2512-9913.

Shalimar Av. Niemayer 218, Vidigal map, tel 3322-3392.

VIP’s Av. Niemayer 418, Vidigal map, tel 3322-5868/3322-1433.

Hotel Fluminense R. dos Inválidos 176, Lapa map, tel 2221-5515. Located on the corner of the main street in Lapa; Av. Mem de Sá.