There are quite a few Rio de Janeiro tours available for tourists and travellers. The fact that many parts of the city are for security reasons or accessabilty difficult to get to makes them the only viable option, especially if your time is limited. The local transport system in Rio is really slow and that also makes it worthwhile as a time saver. Many solitary travellers, including myself, have an inbuilt resistance against organized tourist activities, in Rio it can be a good idea to swallow the pride and join the caravan.

Some Examples of Different Rio de Janeiro Tours

I have written standalone pages about some of these tours, just click on the link to get more detailed info about them.

City Tours There are a quite a few operators that offer them these days, they many times include tourist highlights like the Christ Statue, Sugarloaf and Santa Teresa. I find them especially good value if you have limited time. They often turn out to be cheaper than to actually go around on local buses on your own.

Favela Tours There are quite a few operators around that offer you insightful tours that gives you an understanding on how a favela works. Some of them are more brief and easygoing while others have a more serious take.

Samba School Rehearsal Parties From August until Carnival there are organized tours taking people to the different Samba Schools. Since most of these are located in or close to dingy areas it can be a good option. If you are interested in what a Samba School rehearsal party is just click this link.

Football Games This is offered by few, It’s a simple way to get to see a football game without any hassle. These days it is quite easy to go to the games in Maracanã, the exception would be for bigger games who many times are sold out and a bit tumultuous.

Other Tours

There are also quite few less common tours like: City Center Tour, Santa Teresa Tour, Favela Funk Party Tour and so on. Walking the streets, sitting on the beach, staying in a hostel or a hotel or just surfing the internet you come across a multitude. Just pick and choose!

The Operators

The standard of the operators for the different Rio de Janeiro Tours is quite high. All of them should have an official guiding license issued by Riotur (the official tourist organ in Rio), asking to see that if you are unsure should avoid scoundrels. Tripadvisor should also give you a hint.


They vary between the different operators and also between hotels and hostels. Competition is quite hard so it’s easy to compare. You have to remember that the content and duration could differ a lot.

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