Going to the fruit markets in Rio is an attraction in itself. The multitude of smells and colors, the ranting of the vendors; all this together make it a fantastic experience. I have put together information about some fruit and vegetable shops, farmer´s markets and also organic markets on this page.

Good Fruit Stores

There are many of these around, but unfortunately most of them are pretty bad, smelly old tomatoes and sad looking salad. The same goes for most super markets. The only stores I think stand out are belonging to the chain, Hortifruti, they have a good selection and some excellent fresh juices. Here are some of the addresses:

– R. Prof. Álvaro Rodrigues 355, Botafogo map
– R. Machado de Assis 65, Flamengo map
– R. Dias Ferreira 57, Leblon map
– R. Dias da Rocha 45, Copacabana map
– Av. Prado Júnior 281, Copacabana map
– R. Siqueira Campos 74, Copacabana map
– R. Teixeira de Melo 54, Ipanema map

Fruit market in Rio de Janeiro

The fruit markets in Rio is a great place to shop with low prices and a good selection.

The Fruit Markets in Rio

These feira livres are the best places to shop, the competition makes for good prices and here is probably the only place where you can find that special herb or fruit. They are in particular places on particular weekdays, here is the schedule:

Mondays R. Henrique Dumont, Ipanema map. R. Gustavo Sampaio, Leme map. R. Vicente de Souza, Botafogo map.
Tuesdays Infoshopping, Catete map. R. Barão de Macaubas, Botafogo map. Pça General Osório, Ipanema map.
Wednesdays R. Maria Eugênia, Humaitá map. Pça Edmundo Bittencourt, Copacabana map. Pça Nicarágua, Botafogo map.
Thursdays R. Conde Lages, Glória map. R. Ronald de Carvalho, Copacabana map. Pça Nossa Sra Auxiliador, Leblon map.
Fridays Pça Nossa Senhora da Paz, Ipanema map. Viaduto Jardel Filho, Laranjeiras map. R. Felicio dos Santos, Santa Tereza map. Pça Santos Dumont, Gávea map.
Saturdays R. Prof. Ortiz Monteiro, Laranjeiras map. R. Frei Leandro, Lagóa map. R. Paulo Barreto, Botafogo map.
Sundays Av. Lineu de Paula Machado, Lagóa map. Pça Tenente Gil Guilherme, Urca map. Av. Augusto Severo, Glória map. Pça Serzedelo Correia, Copacabana map.

They all start in the morning and go on for a few hours. Best deals are to be made after a few hours (maybe around 11 AM) when you can barter a bit.

Organic Markets

There are a few around, go to Planeta Orgánica – Markets to find out when and where. You also have the organic shops on Planeta Orgánica – Shops. Shops close, change owners and profiles – therefor the information about them is always prone to change. To make sure a place is open it’s always best to give them a phonecall and confirm beforehand. Please give me feedback if something is wrong, or maybe you have a recommendation?