So this page about activities in Rio is a collection of information with links to more specific pages. Since I have so much info on this site I have to find ways to present you with all the content, this page is an attempt to organize it.

Activities in Rio – Capoeira

On my page for Capoeira (just click the link to get there) there is a collection of pages I have written on this topic. Learn about the history, the moves, the music and also where you can practice in Rio de Janeiro. Even though Capoeira is more culturally connected to Bahia and Salvador, is still quite popular in Rio.

Learn Portuguese

These days quite a few people come to Rio for a longer stay, many of these people want to learn the language. Click the link Learn Portuguese in Rio and you will get to a small collection of pages I have put together, there I explain a bit about the language and the best ways to learn. There are links and addresses to schools and good resources. Even though English is spoken, you cannot operate fully in Rio without command of the native tongue!

activities in Rio - Pool

Activities in Rio – Games and Play

So here is where you find activities that for most are not sports but just games for recreation and fun many times at night. I have a whole page dedicated to Pool in Rio, it has some history and many addresses. On the Games in Rio page you have links and addresses to places for darts, bowling and Go-kart.

Rainy Days

This page I put together by request, I got so much feedback from people wanting some tips on what to do when it is raining. I the decided to create When It Rains in Rio de Janeiro – What to Do?. Here is included some of the activities in Rio I have listed on this page, there is as well info about cinema, museums and much more.

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