Surf Guide Rio

(written by Teina Rob)
Brazilian surfers have a reputation around the world as being aggressive and rude in the water…. they have a reason. This is because there are so many people that surf in Brazil, you almost have to fight for every wave!!!! And in a city like Rio, it is even worse. But this is not to say that you still can’t score some brilliant waves, with some brilliant scenery with some amazing people. The author of this Surf Guide Rio has himself had some great experiences in the big blue.

Surf Guide Rio – The City

In Zona Sul there are some great waves that are a walk or a short bike ride away, and for the others, there are buses that can get you there. I’ll start with the waves further away.

Grumari This is where scenes from Cidade de Deus were filmed. It is a nice beach with a sandy bottom and easy left and rights.
Prainha This is THE spot of Rio, powerful lefts and rights with an amazing backdrop. Can hold up to 12-15ft, but be warned, can have an intense localism feel to it. Use the channels to get out.
Macumba One of the more pleasant beaches of Rio, various left and right beachies with an offshore bank that works on the bigger swells.
Recreio Over the hill from Macumba, good on the large south west swells.
Barra This is an 18 km long beach with many different breaks…. get a bike… go search.
Praia do Pepe This is at one end of Barra de Tijuca, for wind-surfers and kite-surfers (possible to hire).
Sao Conrado Break at the bottom of the favela Roçinha. An intense, short wave, but be aware here due to the proximity of Roçinha.
Leblon The south end of the Leblon/Ipanema beach has a wicked right hander off the canal outlet, good vibe, good fun.
Ipanema The beach has various breaks up and down it, have a look and get stuck in. Just watch out for the sights on the beach, will make the best surfer miss their wave!!!
Arpoador Just beside the big rock at the northern end of Ipanema has one of the best lefts around, but also one of the biggest and most aggressive crowds!!!
Praia do Diabo On the other side of the big rock is this little break, easy rights and sharper lefts. Good fun.
Copacabana/Leme There are a few breaks along this stretch, in front of Posto 5 and 6 have the better breaks. Takes a bigger swell to get in here but when it does can fire!!!

Surf Guide Rio – The State

The state of Rio has many spots to go and surf, hook up with a friendly local, grab a bus and get searching.
Paraty The area has a few good surf beaches and completely un-crowded, can go for ages without seeing anyone else in the water.
Ilha Grande Well known within the Gringo Circuit, and has a couple of decent beaches for waves. Have places that rent boards out as well.
Niteroi Just north of the city has a couple of very good beaches, local knowledge and transport is generally needed to get here, but worth it.
Saquarema One of the best known spots in Rio, if not Brazil. The ASP contest used to be held here before heading south to Floripa. The powerful left hander off the big rock is the main draw card but there are other options in the area as well. Worth a visit!!!
Arraial do Cabo At the north end of the same beach as Saquarema, gets nice solid waves coming in with a variety of breaks. Great fun and an amazing vibe to the area, the real Brazil.
Buzios The open side of the peninsula has a few beaches that get waves, the most popular is Geribá. Boards for hire, lessons and great sights are all available here.

Hopefully this Surf Guide Rio will help you to a great time, Boas Ondas!