You might think that swimming in Rio would be a piece of cake, just throw yourself into ocean! But it’s not really like that, only really able swimmers should try that and even they sometimes desist. Tricky currents with undertow and sometimes big waves make it less than perfect. Where the water is calm enough then it’s often too dirty. If you want to go swimming you better go to a swimming pool.

Swimming in Rio - Perigo

Respect the signs, the currents in Rio are dangerous.

The Swimming Pools

There are not so many around and you need to sign up for a membership either in a gym or at a proper one. Some of them ask for you to make a medical check up. I have listed three of these below, the smaller ones that are in the gyms you just have to ask around to find, if you had any good ones to recommend just let me know and I will list it on this page.

Mourisco-Mar (Botafogo)
This really old but renovated pool is located on Av. Reporter Nestor Moreira map just in the beginning of Botafogo Beach. Membership only, a 50 meter pool but only used across so it’s actually 25 meters, tel 2295-3247 or 2295-3647.

Clube de Regatas de Guanabara (Botafogo)
Located right across the road from the one above at Rua Reporter Nestor Moreira 42 map, tel 2295-2597 or 2541-2049. It’s more of a club and they also have a gym and a restaurant. A 50 meter pool used as a 25 meter.

Clube de Regatas do Flamengo (Lagoa)
Located on Av. Borges de Medeiros 997 map pretty close to the lake, tel 2159-0237 or 2159-0100. Has a 50 meter pool. Is located in the head quarters of the sports organization Flamengo.

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