Skateboard in Rio - Parque Garota da Ipanema

The skate park in Parque Garota da Ipanema is in a great location

Skateboard in Rio is popular. On Sundays and holidays you have a better part of the beach avenues shut off so it’s good for cruising and perfect for long boards. You also get quite a few boarders dodging the traffic on the streets. On squares and open areas all over town you have young kids parcticing their skills.

Skateboard in Rio – Growing in popularity

Over the last decade you can see a growing number of people with skateboards in Rio and Brazil. This is not only a phenomenon isolated to Brazil world wide we can see how extreme sports like skateboarding and surfing have grown in popularity. Since the Cariocas, pertty much like the Californians have a sporty laidback attitude, perhaps skateboarding fits like a glove. I have made a list below where you can find some skate parks in the South Zone.

Skate Parks in Rio

Arpoador Bowls with spine, banks, concrete. Located in a park close to Ipanema Beach called Parque Garota da Ipanema.

Aterro do Flamengo Varied with several ramps. Street area.

Rio Sul Concrete bowl good also after dark. Opposite Shopping Rio Sul in Botafogo.

Lagoa Close to the channel separating Ipanema from Leblon. Banks, concrete.

Click map and you’ll get to a Google Map where I have put the four above in.

Information and Shopping

If you want information on events or related stuff you can go to the homepage of the official skateboarding organization in Rio FASERJ. A good place to buy skate clothes or equipment is Galeria River on R. Francisco Otaviano 67 in Arpoador map, there are also a few shops in the big shopping center Rio Sul in Botafogo.

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