To go scuba diving in Rio is something many people want to do. The problem is that in the actual city of Rio de Janeiro there is no reliable diving available. The two best dive spots are Ilha Grande and Arraial do Cabo and those are the ones I will describe more in detail below.

Scuba diving in Rio - Arraial do Cabo

Diving in Arraial do Cabo. Photo by Keidy Beranger.

Arraial do Cabo – The Best Scuba Diving in Rio

Located about 170 km east of Rio de Janeiro this little village has some of the clearest waters in Brazil. There is a rare phenomena here called “resurgence” which guarantees an ocean full of life. There are sea turtles, dolphins and lots of fish. Together with the fact that the waters almost always are crystal clear it guarantees excellent diving. If you go scuba diving in Rio I would put this as your first choice.

Type Of Diving
You have good cave diving, one is available already on an advanced level, several more if you are a certified cave diver. There are quite a few wrecks around, perhaps the most interesting is the one from a 18th century ship called Dona Paula, check link: Naufrágios do Brasil – Dona Paula. The biggest attraction is the rich marine life, sea turtles, seahorses and dolphins. The calm clear waters makes it an excellent place for beginners.

How To Get There?
Learn more about Arraial do Cabo and how to get there on my Arraial do Cabo page.

Dive Shops
There are quite a few dive shops in Arraial. I have listed three of the ones I think are best below.

PL Divers Rua Nilo Peçanha 57, Praia dos Anjos, tel +55 22 9818-0650
Site: PL Divers
Sand´Mar Rua Epitácio Pessoa 21, Praia Grande tel +55 22 7836-0444
Site: Sand’Mar
Mr Diver Rua D. Pedro 1, Centro, tel +55 22 2622-1164

There is a company with high Tripadvisor-rating located in Cabo Frio (which is located next to Arraial do Cabo):

Eco Diving Rua Victor Igreja, Quadra K, 27, Ville Blanche, tel +55 22 99958-9350
Site: Eco Diving

Ilha Grande

The other good place for scuba diving in Rio is the paradise island Ilha Grande. It offers completetly different conditions. The location is West of Rio on something called the green coast. It rains quite a lot here, the jungle covering the hills is dense. The waters are warm with corals and tropical fish.

Baptism dive - Arraial do Cabo

Batismo in Arraial do Cabo. Photo by Keidy Beranger

Type Of Diving
There are a few good dive spots with corals and fish, you also have a few wrecks of interest. One is a from a a helicopter and is located close to Angra dos Reis, another is the freight ship “Pinguino” located at Ilha Grande at a depth of 7 meters.

Dive Shops
There are a few diveshops on the island, I have not listed any of them since I have no experience of them, if you do please let me know. Most of the shops are located in Abrão in proximity to the port.

How To Get There?
Check out my page Ilha Grande, there you will find all the info you need on how to get to Ilha Grande. You will also find lots of other information like history and other activities.

Other Places

There are other places for diving. Búzios and Paraty are examples of places where diving is common, in both places you have a few dive shops.

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