Gyms in Rio de Janeiro are everywhere. The habit of working those pecs or trimming that butt is very common. Aerobics, boxercise, weight lifting and so on… you can do it all. Maybe you want to join a gym while you’re here? This page is about how you find and join the gyms. First I will start out with some background.

Open air gyms in Rio

The open air gyms are great places to exercise for free and often with a great view. This one is in Arpoador.

Open Air Gyms in Rio

Maybe you like to work more with your body than with weights, many Cariocas do as well. The open air gyms is a great option and it’s free! You’ll find them all along the beaches, maybe the best one is on Praia do Diabo in Arpoador.

Culture of the Gyms in Rio

Everyone that has visited gyms anywhere in the world knows that they have a culture on their own. The tougher traditional gyms with a focus on strength and testosteron still exists but it’s the newer ones that are the most popular; Aerobics and Steam Saunas, chirpy instructors in matching clothes, the highschool like hierarchy, bronzed, blonded, white-teethed people with perfect six packs and… the big mass of ordinary people that just want to stay in shape.

The Rio de Janeiro gyms are no different, you have the butt-a-holic women that curls and squeezes seven days a week; just so they can obtain that perfect behind. Or those guys you see on the beach thinking that they must live in a gym; they do. And the big crowd just working out. But some things are different, the gyms here are meeting points on a much bigger scale than in most other places. Flirting and making contacts is really common and most of them actually throw parties where everyone can get together. It’s very social.

Where Are They?

This is the easiest part; Walking along the main streets just look for the word academia (English: gym), they are many times located on the 2nd floor with big windows displaying bodies in motion. Prices differ a lot so shop around a bit.

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