Helicopter around Rio

On a helicopter tour around Rio you get some spectacular views.

To go in a helicopter around Rio de Janeiro is one of the more spectacular ways to experience the city. It’s quite expensive though: The shorter tours are 6-7 min and the longest around 1 hour. If you have the money to spare it can be well worth it, there are few cities in the world that look better from above.

Where Do You Go?

Take off can be from a few helipads around town, which one you leave from you sort out when you reserve. On the Sugarloaf you can actually book your flight right there. There are a few common itineraries: The shorter ones just make a quick circuit from Morro da Urca (Sugarloaf) to the Christ statue past Copacabana and then back to the Sugarloaf. More expensive circuits includes exponentially circling the Christ statue, Ipanema, the lake, Botanical gardens, Maracanã, Tijuca National Park, Rocinha favela, Barra de Tijuca, racetrack and the longer even includes a trip to Niterói (Rio’s twin city across the bridge). To find out exact routes you have to talk to the company.

Where To Book a Helicopter Around Rio Tour?

This is going to be quite simple. I have so far only come across one company that does these tours regularly, if you have information about others please inform me! They are called Helisight and have a really good site where you can check out their tours, prices and also reserve. Just click on Helisight and you’ll get there (this is not a sponsored link). In almost all travel agents, hostels and hotels you can book these flights, as far as I know most of them work with Helisight.

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