There are many churches in Rio de Janeiro (and other places of worship), some of them offer services in other languages than Portuguese. Many times these also functions as hubs for the different nationalities that live in Rio. The first two texts below are contributions by Reverend David Weller.

Christ Church Anglican Church Located
Located on R. Real Grandeza 99 in Botafogo map. Services in English at 8h and 10.30h every Sunday. A friendly Church, made up of people from many nations. Many opportunities, to make friends and to get involved. Activities for children and discussion groups for all ages. Family services on the first Sunday of the month, Christ Church is well served by public transport, there is on site secure car parking. Contact Rev. David 2539-9488 or e mail him riochaplain|at| The site is here: Christ Church

Our Lady of Marcy Catholic Church
Located on R. Visconde de Caravelas 48 in Botafogo map. Mass in English every Sunday at 9.30h followed by breakfast. Contact tel 2266-8296 or e mail olmparishat|

Bola de Neve Church
Located on Av. do Pepê 1124 in Barra da Tijuca map. Once a month they have service in English. Contact tel 3868-3592/7758-2295 or e mail englishservice|at|

Scandinavian Church in Rio de Janeiro
Located on Praia do Flamengo 344, 9th floor in Flamengo map you have this church that is Protestant and is directed to all Scandinavian countries, they also have activities for children, Swedish newspapers and lots more. Tel Marta Andrade 2553-1149 or e mail kyrkan|at| Open Tue, Wed, Fri 14h/19h and Thu 14h/22h. On the same address you find The Scandinavian Association that arrange many events and parties. Tel. Patricia Barbulla 99148-3698 or e mal info|at|

Union Church of Rio de Janeiro
Located on Av. Prefeito Dulcídio Cardoso 4351 in Barra da Tijuca map. All services in English. Weekly Sunday morning meeting is at 10h. On the first Sunday of the month they celebrate the Lord’s Supper and afterwards have lunch together. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays in the month they meet at 18.30h for the prayer meeting. Contact them at 3325-8601. Their site: Union Church.

The St Andrew Society
Well aware that this is not a place of worship but rather a cultural meeting point for Scottish I still think it belongs in this section. The St Andrew Society of Rio de Janeiro was founded in 1906 by ex-pat Scots. Members and friends meet every Tuesday between April and October at the Paissandu Club in Leblon map, where Scottish Country Dancing is practiced in a convivial atmosphere. Anyone passing through Rio can spend a pleasant evening there on a Tuesday night from 8.00pm to 11.00pm, with a few drinks and a dish from the menu. Contact James Henry Frew on phone 99206-1977 or e mail jhf|at| The site is: The Saint Andrew Society

What follows here is a selection from a list of I found on Riotur’s (The official Tourist Organ of Rio) excellent site. I don’t know anything about these places, if you have further info about churches in Rio please contact me.

International Baptist Church
Address: R. Desembargador Alfredo Russel 146, Leblon map
Phone: 2239-8848
Time: Sun 10:30h 19h Tue 8h Wed 19:30h

Tibetan Buddhist Society Karma Teksum Chokorling
Address: Estrada dos Bandeirantes 25.636, Barra da Tijuca map
Phone: 2428-6711
Time: Tue-Sun 7h and 17h

Israelite Religious Association (Jewish)
Address: R. General Severiano 170, Botafogo map
Phone: 2543-6320/2295-6599
Time: Fri 18:30h Sat 9:30h

Bethel Isaelite Religous Congregation (Jewish)
Address: R. Barata Ribeiro 489, Copacabana map
Phone: 2548-3413
Time: Everyday 7h 17h

Barilan (Jewish)
Address: R. Pompeu Loureiro 40, Copacabana map
Phone: 2256-3587
Open: Sun-Thur 9h/18h Fri 9h/noon
Info: Synagogue with rabbinical services and information on the Jewish community.
E-mail: rabinatorio|at|

Lutheran Evangelic Community of Rio de Janeiro
Address: R. Carlos Sampaio 251, Centro map
Phone: 2509-6751/2232-8548
Time: Services in German on the first and third Sunday of every month at 9h

Methodist Church of Jardim Botânico
Address: R. Jardim Botânico 648, Jardim Botânico map
Phone: 2294-9179
Time: Sun 9h 19h Tues-Thurs 20h Wed, 15:30h Fri 8h

Sociedade Beneficiente Muçulmana (Muslim)
Address: Av. Gomes Freire 176 room 205/206, Centro map
Phone: 2224-1079
Time: Fri noon/13h Sat 7:30h/18h
E-mail: sbmrjbr|at|

Saint Nicolas Orthodox (Arabic)
Address: Av. Gomes Freire 559, Centro map
Phone: 2508-9999/2509-3894
Time: Sun 10h

Santo André Church (Greek)
Address: R. Darque de Mattos 46, Bonsucesso map
Phone: 2590-3735
Time: The second and the last Sunday of every month at 11h

Anunciação da Virgem Santíssima Maria Parish (Polish)
Address: R. Saint Roman 226, Copacabana map
Phone: 2523-1111
Time: Sun 10h

Russian Ortodox Santa Zinaida Church (Russian)
Address: R. Monte Alegre 210, Santa Teresa map
Phone: 2252-1471
Time: Sun at 10h

Positivist Temple of Brazil
Address: R. Benjamin Constant 74, Glória map
Phone: 2224-3861
Time: Sun 10h

Presbyterian Church of Copacabana
Address: R. Barata Ribeiro 335, Copacabana map
Phone: 2236-1153/2236-2130
Open: Sun 8:30h, 10:30h, 19h Wed 7:30h Thu 15h

São Basílio (Roman Catholic in Arabic)
Address: R. República do Líbano 17, Centro map
Phone: 2222-1762
Time: Sun 11h (in Arabic)
Info: Melchite Rite

Church of Our Lady of Lebanon (Roman Catholic in Arabic)
Address: R. Conde de Bonfim 638, Tijuca map
Phone: 2208-4846
Time: Sun 8:30h, 10h, 11:30h, 18h

Santíssima Trindade Parish (French)
Address: R. Senador Vergueiro 141, Flamengo map
Phone: 2553-3114/203
Time: 16th August, 13th September, 25th October, 15th November, 13th December all these dates 11h.

União das Sociedades Espíritas do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Spiritism)
Address: R. dos Inválidos 182, Centro map
Phone: 2224-1244
Time: Mon-Tue 14:30 Thu 19h

Spiritualist Center Caminheiros da Verdade (Umbanda/Kardecista)
Address: R. Comendador João Carneiro 133, Engenho de Dentro map
Phone: 2594-6336
Time Umbanda: Mon, Thurs, Sat 18h
Time Kardecista: Tue 18h

Pai Antonio Spiritualist Hut (Umbanda)
Address: R. das Verbenas 371, Vila Valqueire map
Phone: 3833-6002
Time: Sat 15h
Info: Mystic-religious sessions, uniting catholic, African and indigenous elements in spiritual rituals.