Many visitors want to buy football shirts in Rio de Janeiro as memories or presents. Maybe you need new a pair of new sunglasses? Or are you going to the beach and are looking for a beach sheet and sun lotion? Where do you best get that stuff in Rio? Find out on this page.

Buying football shirts in Rio is easily done from ambulating vendors.

Photo by Andreas Lönngren.

Nice and Easy – The Vendors

Sitting on the beach or walking along the streets you’ll be offered to buy all these products by ambulating vendors. They actually many times offer really good deals so if you find something you like and the price suits you… Go for it! When I first came here I instinctly avoided these and travelled to the city center where all Brazilians had told me everything was so much cheaper. It was cheaper, but only a few R$ so I spent more money on transport than I saved.

Football Shirts in Rio

Original shirts you can find in the better sports stores, prices are about the same everywhere. If you want to buy the copies there will be guys selling on the beach or on the streets, with a little bit of haggling you can find yourself a simple shirt for around 30-45 R$. At times these copies are banned and they are harder to get by. In the Urugaiana market they also sell shirts.


For original brands just walk along the main shopping streets in Copacabana or Ipanema and you’ll find them. The cheaper ones are found either on the street/beach, or in the Urugayana flee market. Another good place is in São Cristóvão Market where there are quite few stalls selling quality non brand sunglasses for reasonable prices. You should pay something between 15-30 R$ depending on model.

Sun Lotion

The sun in Rio de Janeiro is really strong so it´s important that you protect yourself from its damaging rays, using a good factor 30 sun block is advisable. You have guys selling this on the beach for reasonable prices. In the pharmacies or supermarkets you have a wider selection, since prices wary a lot it’s good to compare prices between a few retailers.

Beach Towels

You actually don’t take your towel to the beach in this city, only gringos do. If you’re a guy you either sit on the sand or rent a chair, if you’re a girl or a couple you can get yourself a kanga, which is the kind of a beach sheet they call sarong in Asia. The best place to buy these are propably (just like with the football shirts in Rio) on the beach or on the street. You can also find them in the different markets but I have found the best designs are right on the beachwalk. The price is somewhere between 15-30 R$ depending on quality and size.

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