If you are having plans of buying a digital camera in Rio de Janeiro you must know that it’s not particularly cheap, most likely more expensive than back home. High import taxes make sure of that. But if you are here on vacation and just lost your camera/it got stolen/it broke, you probably want a new one anyway. Or are you looking to buy an adapter to your plug that won’t fit into that stupid jack? In this section I will give you some advice on where you can find all this.

Avenida Central - Buy a digital camera in Rio.

Shopping Avenida Central on Rio Branco in Centro is a good place to buy a digital camera in Rio.

Buying a Digital Camera in Rio

Maybe the best advice is to aim for a model produced here in Brazil, the prices are reasonable although the quality is lower. Almost everyday you have offers in the newspapers on where you can get yourself a reasonable cheap camera with the technology from last year. In the city centre you have an electronics mall called Shopping Avenida Central located on Avenida Rio Branco 151 map, to get there it’s easiest to take the Metro to the station Carioca (on how to catch the Metro just go to Subway in Rio and you’ll find all info you need). In here you can find accessories, batteries, adapters etc. The chain of stores Casa & Video is also a pretty good place for simpler models, here are some stores around town, they are open everyday:

Casa & Video
Pr. de Botafogo 340, Botafogo map
R. Figueirido Magalhães 286, Copacabana map
R. Visconde de Pirajá 371, Ipanema map

Buying a Computer in Rio

This is simple, don’t buy them here, they are expensive and not very high quality. If you have to buy I recommend the above described Shopping Avenida Central in Centro. There you have a large selection of stores and the prices are among the better in Rio.

Buying Electronics in Rio

Do you need an adapter for your shaver or your battery charger? For simple electronics like that just go to the store that is listed further down. If you need the more advanced stuff you’d have to venture to the city center and the street Rua República do Líbano map where there are some electronics stores.

TV mar, R. Teixera do Melo 81, Ipanema. A great place to buy adapters. map

On voltage

just make sure your apparatus actually is compatible with the voltage (V) and the frequenzy (Hz) of Rio de Janeiro 100-127V/60Hz. Note that there is no standard for Brazil so you have 220-240V in some states, frequencies also vary. To find out what your product has just read the little sticker on it. For all the info on voltage, frequencies and plugs go to World Standards Electricity. Note that there are various plugs for Brazil, they have recently changed standard so you might need more than one adaptor.

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