Waxing in Rio de Janeiro is for many girls here an almost weekly pain; walking around on the beach in a bikini with hair sticking out is really a big no-no here. Hairy legs is not seen as ok. These days it is quite common that guys wax chests and backs, that trend is not unique to Rio though.

Waxing in Rio – Vanity that Hurts

Many Brazilian women are quite hairy, the removal of body hair is thus a very painful experience for quite a few. Why does so many women decide to wax then? In my home country women most of the time just shave. The answer is quite simple. It is vanity, the Cariocas are very conscious about how they look, pain can not come in the way of your beauty. If smooth legs are what they want, waxing is what they’ll do!

How Do They Do It?

Ok, here comes a bunch of information from Silvia again. First let us kill the myth; The so called Brazilian Wax is not traditional in Brazil, traditionally you leave a triangle on top of it all; the size of the bikini you use decides how big. Which parts of the body the Carioca girls wax vary but almost obligatory are: Bikini line, armpits and legs. Many do as well: Eyebrows, nostrils and upper lip. A reasonable new fashion is shaping: You can get your most precious parts decorated in shapes like hearts and stars. Arms are rarely waxed.

Where To Do It?

This is available in so many places and you don’t have to go to an expensive place to get a good wax. What you´ll be offered in the local hairdressers is for sure good enough. The price level in these places are reasonable, armpits probably around 20R$ and the bikini line 40R$. Waxing is called depilacão in Portuguese.