To get manicure or pedicure in Rio de Janeiro is not a problem, there are places literally everywhere. They are normally located in hair dressers or in separate more specialized clinics. I will try to explain a bit about them on this page, read through this and you should be ready to get your nails done!

Manicure and Pedicure – In Rio de Janeiro It is For Everyone

I remember when I just had arrived here the first time and I saw this really big muscly macho guy that to my amazement was using clear nailpolish. Asking around I realized it is quite common that men use that. I never resorted to this myself, I did try manicure and pedicure and it feels great. It is really cheap and those hideous feet that had been tucked into heavy Swedish winter shoes for some years became a lot more presentable when stuckin to a pair of Havaianas; I can recommend it. And for you girls that have been applying and removing yourself for years, it’s pretty nice to let someone else do it for you. Prices are really reasonable.

Where to Get Pedicure in Rio?

This is the deal: You can pretty much go anywhere. There are more expensive places but if you don’t have medical problem there is no reason. The more expensive ones are more concerned about higiene but they do a really good job almost everywhere. In Zona Sul the prices are about 20-30R$ for manicure and 40-60R$ for manicure and pedicure (in smaller towns around Brazil prices are about half of that). Most beauty parlours are closed both Sundays and Mondays. If you don’t have a recommendation, keep an eye out for crowded nail salons, that is a good sign that the professionals inside are good.