Where is a good place to have dinner in Rio? On this page I have listed some of my favourite restaurants. I have only picked out a few and listed them by neighbourhood, there is of course a lot more good restaurants than this small list. Since price is an issue to many I am using a price legend where it refers to how much one person would spend on one meal: Budget = 15-30R$ Medium = 30-70R$ Exclusive = 70-XXXR$. Note that when you look on a menu they many times have dishes for two people and hence it appears a lot more expensive, best is to ask and make sure. Before you go ahead you might be looking for one of the restaurants I have under International Food in Rio, there I have listed some of the better restaurants if you want other than Brazilian food.


Budget – Galetos R. Dias Ferreira 154 map, tel 2294-3997. Here you can get spring chicken for reasonable prices. Served with salad and French fries.

Medium – Fellini R. General Urquiza 104 map. A top of the range “by-the-weight” restaurant.
Site: Fellini

Exclusive – Antiquárius R. Aristides Espínola 19 map, tel 2294-1049. Always voted as one of the best restaurants in Rio. Portuguese food. You have to reserve a table.


Budget – Pizzaria Zona Sul R. Visconde de Pirajá 504 map or R. Prudente de Morais 49 map. The latter is located on Praça General Osório. They are open until midnight and have in my view a really decent pizza. The actual restaurant is located inside the supermarket. They do not deliver.

Medium – Frontera R. Visconde de Pirajá 128 map, tel 3289-2350. High quality by-the-weight restaurant located close to Praça General Osório.
Site: Frontera

Exclusive – Zazá Bistrô Tropical Rua Joana Angélica 40 map, tel 2247-9101. Contemporary modern food in a chilled environment. Try to get a table on the top floor.
Site: Zazá Bistrô Tropical


Budget – Monchique Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 796 map, 2548-5140. This must be Rios cheapest all-you-can-eat BBQ place. You don´t come here for the quality or for the nice atmosphere – but it´s decent enough and the price is even better.
Site: Monchique

Medium – Frontera Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 1144 map, tel 3202-9050. In my view one of the better pay-by-weight restaurants in Rio and a great option for dinner in Rio. Great salad buffet, sushi chef and good service.
Site: Frontera

Exclusive – Marius Av. Atlântica 290 map, tel 0800-7079001. Although they have a traditional meat BBQ it is the all-you-can-eat seafood option that could make this place worth a visit. Have as many oysters you can eat! Over weekends it´s a good idea to reserva a table.
Site: Marius


Budget – Rio Sul R. Lauro Müller 116 map, tel 3527-7257. In this big shopping mall you have a so called food court. There are many alternatives.
Site: Rio Sul

Medium – Emporium Pax Praia de Botafogo 400, 7th floor map, tel 3171-9713. Located in the shopping mall Botafogo Praia Shopping. Really recommended beacuse of the “shrimp festival” and the excellent shrimp-artichoke risotto!
Site: Emporium Pax

Flamengo/Largo do Machado

Budget – Spoleto R. do Catete 311 map, tel 3826-0072. Pasta. Is part of a nation wide franchise. The concept is simple. Pick the type of pasta, sauce and ingredients you want.
Site: Spoleto

Medium – Nanquim R. do Pinheiro 10 map, tel 2556-5119. A quality pay-by-weight restaurant.
Site: Nanquim

Exclusive – Alcaparra Praia do Flamengo 150 map, tel 2558-3937. A good and varied menu with some good fish and seafood options. In an area with many options for dinner in Rio this is one of the better. Reserve a table.
Site: Alcaparra


Budget – Feedback Steakhouse R. do Catete 239 map, tel 2285-3442. A solid pay-by-weight restaurant in the lower price bracket.
Site: Feedback Steakhouse

Medium – Estação República R. do Catete 104 map, tel 2225-2650. This big place has a varied menu with over 60 different hot meals to choose from.

Exclusive – Casa da Suíça R. Cândido Mendes 157 map, tel 2252-5182. If you are longing for some cheese fondue, onion soups and schnitzels this is the place. Austrian chef Volkmar Wendlinger is responsible.
Site: Casa da Suíça


I haven´t recommended any dinner restaurants here since I think it´s not such a good place to be after dark. Under my lunch recommendations you can find some though.


Budget – ? No suggestion.

Medium – Carioca da Gema R. Mem de Sá 79 map, tel 2221-0043. There is a part of this famous samba club thet serves pizza. The pizzas are good and they are open until early in the morning Tue-Sat.
Site: Carioca da Gema

Exclusive – ? No suggestion.

Santa Teresa

Budget – The Place next to Bar do Gomes The recognized Bar do Gomes is located on R. Áurea 26 map, it is a nice restaurant in the medium price range. Right next to it you have a small simple place that serve basic and good food.

Medium – Bar do Arnaudo R. Almirante Alexandrino 316 map, tel 2210-0817. In my view the best food from the Northeast in town. Carne de sol, aipim frito and a great selection of cachaças. Open everyday.

Exclusive – Aprazível Rua Aprazível 62 map, tel 2508-9174. An excellent menu with Brazilian modern food. The ambience is incredible with a beautiful ooutdoor garden setting. Open Tue-Sat 12h/1h, Sun and holiday 12h/19h.
Site: Aprazível

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