Almost all nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro have a system where you pay for entrance and what you have consumed on departure. In a nightclub (boate in Portuguese) you can pay 80 R$ to get in, half of that can be the actual entrance and the other half is then for bar consumption. In other words would you be spending minimum 80 R$.

They keep track on how much you have consumed on either a plastic card with a bar code or just on a paper the give you. Try to get used to this so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises. Many foreigners spend more money then they actually have, try to avoid that, it’s a real pain when it happens.

Entrance can vary a lot between men and women, in some of the nightclubs in Rio they won’t let you in if you don’t have female company, women as a rule pay less to enter. For nightclubs and clubs they insist on proper clothing, ie. no bermudas or flip-flops. Always bring a copy of an ID or a passport, without it’s likely they won’t let you in.


List of Nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro

(With GLS i mean Gay & Lesbian Scene)

00 (Zero Zero)
Open: Tue-Sun from 22h
Comments: Program vary, some nights are GLS (a mixed night on Thursdays is standard). Half open space with a relaxed ambience. Tuesdays there is a hostel party which has a high Gringo-rate.
Which celebrity would go there?: Britney Spears, Pink
Music Style: Electro, house, hip hop, afro, check site
Food: Contemporary
Dresscode: Smart Casual
How much money to bring?: 70R$-150R$
Address: Av. Padre Leonel Franca 240, Gávea map
Phone: 2540-8041
Site: 00

Casa da Matriz
Open: Wed-Sat from 23h
Comments: Program vary, one of the meeting spots for alternative people, quite young crowd. Located in a nice big old house, cool sofas and old computer games.
Which celebrity would go there?: Kristen Stewart, a young Johnny Depp
Music Style: Monday rock, Thursday drum and bass, check site
Food: No
Dresscode: Come as you are
How much money to bring?: 35R$-80R$
Address: R. Henrique de Novaes 107, Botafogo map
Phone: 2266-1014
Site: Casa da Matriz

Open: Thu-Sat from 23h
Comments: A mixed gay and alternative crowd come here to have fun on the crowded dance floor. One of the few nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro located in this part of Copacabana.
Which celebrity would go there?: Robbie Williams, Bjork
Music Style: Thursday is Rock night, otherwise Electronic and Alternative
Food: No
Dresscode: No
How much money to bring?: 50R$-100R$
Address: R. Siqueira Campos 143 loja 22A, Copacabana map
Phone: 2548-7498
Site: Fosfobox



Club Six
Open: Open: Fri, Sat from 22h
Comments: Three floors, just a stones throw from the Street Party in Lapa. Gringos can often cut the line paying a little bit more. Among the nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro Six is the only one that can claim to have a Hip Hop atmosphere. The 3rd floor gets really crowded.
Which celebrity would go there?: Snoop Dogg, Rihanna
Music Style: Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop
Food: No
Dresscode: Casual
How much money to bring?: 80R$-120R$
Address: R. das Marrecas 38, Centro map
Phone: 2510-3230
Site: Club Six