Food and nighlife in Rio - Confeitaria Colombo

Confeitaria Colombo located in Centro. One of Rio’s most famous establishments. Photo by Fredrik Marnby.

On this page you have links to pages with information about food and nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. The material is divided in to three general sections to facilitate navigation.

The first one is Nightlife in Rio, here you can learn about bars, nightclubs and live music. It is written in a manner I hope will guide you to the party or place that is right for you. There is also some general tips that can help you spend less and stay safe.

The second has some information about Cafés and Restaurants in Rio. Loaded with great tips for eating and drinking, full of links, addresses and tips.

The third one is Food in Rio. This is where you can read about typical foods and drinks, markets and lots more. It is really a quite extensive set of pages that delve quite deep into what is out there.

Info About Food and Nightlife in Rio – Constantly Changing

Information about food and nightlife ín Rio is of the nature that it constantly changes, if you find something is wrong or should be added just let me know by using the contact form in the navigation bar. It is always good to check the site or call before you visit a place since my info might be outdated.

In general I have a quite large culinary interest, for me how we eat and drink is more than just for nutrition and social enjoyment. The cuisine of each particular city is full of historic information, the use of certain ingredients or popularity of dishes often carry such knowledge. I have site about culture and food, in the Brazilian Cuisine and Brazilian Food Recipes you can read about the culinary history of Rio and Brazil as well as get some recipes.

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