Trindade - Praia do Meio

Trindade – Praia do Meio. Photo by George Taylor.

Located almost on the border to the state of São Paulo Trindade is truly a magnificent place, paradise beaches and rainforest pouring down the hills. It is a very small village with a strong community that has made sure to preserve both nature and the tranquil atmosphere. It is a perfect for anyone who wants to get away from a big city and experience nature as well as chill out.

History of Trindade

It never played a historical part in the early days of Brazil, it was basically a small village where the residents survived from fishing, small time agriculture and from the riches of the forest. Most notably it was a pirates hideaway during the 18th century, the target was the many ships loaded with gold leaving from Paraty. A few tourists started to visit in the second half of the 20th century. Trindade got a rough awakening in the 1970’s when big investors wanted to exploit the area. The population organized themselves and with the help of some famous artists and musicians they got the attention of the media – in the end the plans were cancelled. One result was that interest started to grow for Trindade, it soon became known as a kind of hippie hangout. Another is that the community organization Associação dos Moradores Nativos e Originários da Trindade are still strong and make sure that the area is not exploited.

Trindade - The Natural Pools of Cachadaço

Trindade – The Natural Pools of Cachadaço. Photo by George Taylor.

What To Do

There are many options when it comes to outdoor activities:
– Visit the natural pools of Cachadaço – Just a short hike or boat ride from the village, huge rocks form natural pools in the ocean. The many tropical fish and the crystal clear calm water make it perfect for snorkling. It is best to go there in the morning.
– The waterfall Pedra Que Engole (Rock That Swallows) is also close to the village. The name comes from a phenomena where there is a tunnel under a rock you can get sucked into. It is perfectly safe.

Praia Brava is a beach only accessible by a path. Many times vote one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil it is well worth a visit. Do not miss the small waterfall.
– There are many more beaches worth a visit: Praia do Sono, Antigos and Ponta Negra to name a few. They are all visited on boat tours starting from the village.
– Surfing is also an option. The conditions are great for learning.
– Various hiking trails are available. The most common hike is to Cabeça do Indio (The Indians Head).

Nightlife and Restaurants

You have a few restaurants on Praia do Meio and Praia do Rancho in the village, the speciality is seafood. These are also good places for sunsets. High season and weekends you also have live music on Praia do Rancho, it normally lasts until sunrise. Apart from that there is not much more to expect.

Kaissara Hostel Trindade

Kaissara Hostel, photo by George Taylor.


There are quite few pousadas around, ranging from quite cheap to medium. Don’t forget that prices in Brazil always go up quite a lot on official holidays and the period December until February. A hostel i personally recommend is:

– Kaissara Hostel Rua das Flores, tel (24) 3371-5248. Owned by a friend of mine, a Brit called George Taylor, it is a well chilled out place with good prices.

Getting There

In the bus station in Rio (Rodoviária Novo Rio) buy a ticket with the Costa Verde company to Paraty, the trip is about 4 hours. The bus timetable is as follows:

From Rio to Paraty 4h, 6h, 7:40h, 9h, 12h, 14h, 16h, 19:30h and 21h

From Paraty to Rio 2:40h, 6h, 9h, 11:20h, 13:20h, 15:20h, 16:20h, 19h and 21h

From the bus station in Parati get a bus to Trindade (company Colitur), duration about 40 minutes, they leave regurarly. Info on how to get to the bus station in Rio you get by clicking this link.

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