Renting Rio apartments can be a good alternative to hotels or hostels. Private rooms are quite expensive and hard to find at times, in an apartment you can get privacy for many times an affordable price.

Renting Rio Apartments – Temporada Or Aluguel?

First of all let’s straight something out. When you are looking through the different channels for renting (like newspapers and rental sites) you will come across the two terms “aluguel” and “temporada”. Almost without exception you should be looking in the latter category. The “aluguel” objects are only for long term rental, many times 30 months and unfurnished, as a rule simply not possible to rent for a foreigner. The “temporada” apartments is the correct category to search in.

Two Sites

There is a big rental site called Here you can find listed objects in the temporada category. Bear in mind that it often takes a bit of work and command of Portuguese to go through with the deals. It is definitely not recommendable to rent something unseen. In other words, it is good to use when you are already in Rio. If you are alone you might want to consider the room rental option. There is a site called where rooms are listed that are for rent. Just like with the first site you should check out the room first.

Renting Rio Apartments Through Agencies

There are quite a few agencies out there. I won’t recommend one over the other, try to get as much info about address, facilities etc. before you go ahead and reserve. If you want to you can always contact me if you have doubts about an object, I will not advice you to which agencies are good or not since I simply don’t have a clue, but I can advice you to what is a good address. Checking out forums like the one on Tripadvisor might be a good idea to find out about these agencies.

Send Me a Query

On my page Rental flats in Rio there is a query form you can submit. I will get back to you shortly with a response.

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