All the travel links below are to resources I have approved of and that I think contain information of value. The links are categorized by country or continent.


Brazil Expedition This is a tour company run by personal friends of mine. They take people to football games, tours around the city, and much more.

Embratur An excellent resource. The official site of the tourist organ in Brazil. Lots of travel information.

Riotur This is the official tourist site of Rio de Janeiro. Highly recommended. Lots of facts, addresses, info and useful links.

P L Divers This is in my view the best dive operator in Arraial do cabo. Professional and safe. Also has a pousada attached to them. Highly recommended.

Jungle Me – Adventure Hikes in Rio de Janeiro This company offers hiking to some of the most beautiful spots in Rio. They are eco friendly and provide top service.

Katharina House A hostel located in Foz de Iguaçu, the Brazilian side of the great waterfalls. Very central and with a newly opened bar.


My Island Jamaica An in-depth Jamaica site with travel info, cultural background and lots of great pics.


Scotland’s Enchanting Kingdom All you need to know about haggis, tartan and bagpipes. I went around Scotland in a Ford Transit 15 years ago and it truly is a great place.

Segway tour in Madrid Join the, on a segway tour of Madrid. A sightseeing tour by segway is the most interesting and exciting way of discovering Madrid.


Cape Town South Africa Guide Cape Town travel tips and accommodation recommendations from a local resident. Get to know Cape Town from the inside-out!

  • Famous Outlaws and Criminals From Brazil – Part One – Lampião

    Lampião and his band.All countries have them; outlaws and criminals that have reached almost legendary status. Names like Spartacus, Robin Hood and Jesse James have sparked the imagination of both writers and ordinary people since thousands of years. In this article series I… Read more…

  • Manioc Root in Brazil

    manioc rootsIn Brazil there is one tuber that is capable of creating stronger reactions than any other, the root of the manioc. An important source of carbohydrates, processed and used in innumerable ways it has a clear connotation to Indians and… Read more…

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