Carioca Surf Slang

Sunset on Arpoador rock. Photo by Andreas Lönngren.

The Carioca surf slang I have put together is not only with words and expressions exclusive to Rio; many of these you can hear all over the country.

(prenouncation in parentheses)

ressaca (hesacka) = hard to surf, crazy waves
caixote (kaichotch) = to do the washing machine
mermão (mehr-mão) = my Brother
haole (hauwli) = not a local
brother (brader) = brother
vala (vala) = riptide
merreca (meheka) = small Wave
marolinha (marolinja) = small surfable waves
parafinado (parrafinado) = surfer that blonds his hair with the wax
tubo (tubo) = barrel
gatinha (gatinja) = hot chick
irado (irahdo) = radical
beleza (belehsa) = sweet
prego (prehgo) = bad surfer, kook (actually means nail)
playboy (plejjboy) = rich kid with lego hair, poser
moleque (muleke) = mate (means little boy)
cara (cara) = man
raimunda (hajjmunda) = ugly face, good body (about women)
rabear (habbear) = the hated practice of stealing waves, dropping in
vaca (vacka) = wipe out
arregão (ahhegao) = surfer afraid of the big stuff
pony (poh-nee) = hot chick (from en. pony)

Expand My Carioca Surf Slang Dictionary!

I would just love it if you could add some words to this list, just contact me and I will put it in.

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