I may not the right person to write about rock climbing in Rio, I can’t stand heights! I will give it a go anyway. My goal is to guide you to the right information about actual climbing and give some useful info about where you can get equipment.

Climbing in Rio - Dedo de Deus

Dedo de Deus in Teresópolis. Photo by Renata Souza.

Info About Rock Climbing in Rio

Corcovado, Sugarloaf, Pedra Bonita, Gods Finger… the list of peaks you can climb can be made very long and I will not even try to describe or list them. What you should do is click here and you’ll get to site of the official mountain climbing association in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately it’s in Portuguese so if you don’t speak that you have to struggle a bit. There you have info about all the peaks in the state but also some links to organizations and rock climbing guides. This is a great place to get in contact with the right people and to find out everything you need to know about climbing in the city of Rio and around the state.

Go Climbing in Rio With Rocks in Rio

A serious climbing service is offered by Daniel Araujo, he speaks very good English. You can check out his site by clicking the link Rocks in Rio, there you will find all info you need and contact details.

Where To Get Equipment?

There are a few stores around, I have listed a few of them here.

R. Buenos Aires 41, 2nd floor, Centro map, tel 2223-1573. Open Mon-Fri 10h/18h.
Site: Equinox
Makalu Sports
Av. Rio Branco 50, 2nd floor, Centro map, tel 3174-2515/3174-2526. Open Mon-Fri 9h/19h.
Site: Makalu Sports
R. da Alfandega 98, 2nd floor, Centro map, tel 2509-1176. Pretty cheap and well equipped.
Site: SubSub
Le Chen – Galeria River
R. Francisco Otaviano 67, Arpoador map. Shop located in the surfing sports mall is located between Copacabana and Ipanema. Tel 3201-0011
Site: Le Chen