When it comes to post offices in Rio and Brazil it’s the omnipotent Correios that are in charge. It’s with them you buy stamps and send parcels. It’s well organized and they have agencies all over town. The standard hours are Mon-Fri 9h/17h, the agencies with other hours of interest to you I have listed below.

Post Offices in Rio Open Longer Hours

Also open Saturdays 9h/17h
– Av. Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 540, Copacabana map
– R. Cinco de Julho 89, Copacabana map
– R. Dias da Rocha 20, Copacabana map
– R. das Marrecas 48, Centro map
– R. Goncalves Dias 56, Centro map
– R. Visconde de Pirajá 414, Ipanema map
– Av. Ataulfo de Paiva 822, Leblon map
– R. de Marques São Vicente 6, Gávea map
– R. Paissandu 7, Flamengo map

Other hours
– In Riosul, Botafogo map, Mon-Fri 10h/22h Sat 10h/22h
– Aeroporto Tom Jobim/Galeão, Green Sector, 3rd floor, room 3023. Everyday! 7h/19h


Note that it is not recommendable to receive or send objects of importance or value through ordinary mail, my own and many other’s experience is that stuff can disappear or arrive extremely late. I’m still waiting for birthday presents and lot’s of other things to arrive. The customs are pretty tough and they love to put a high value and tax things. I remember my friends Phil & Sarah who received a Christmas package including vitamins, they couldn’t receive it without paying over 100 R$ in tax!

Parcel Services

They have their own parcel service called Sedex which seem to work quite well. If you are to get things sent here you have three major options.

FedEx They are pretty fast, normally it takes three days for a package to arrive.
UPS They are the fastest and often the most expensive. The time of delivery is often only two days.
DHL The cheapest and slowest. Recommended for big packages.

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