All the stats and facts about Rio de Janeiro in this section is collected on the internet. My goal has been to be as accurate as possible but it´s very hard, in some cases figures are old or vary a lot. I have rounded off most figures. All are for the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Facts & Info

Founded: 1565
Time Zone: 3, 4 or 5 hours behind GMT depending daylight savings adjustment
Climate: Tropical
Weights & Measure: Metric
Money: Brazilian Real
Telephone Prefix: 21
Electricity 110V (sometimes 220V available), adaptor plug needed
Tap Water Not drinkable


City population: 6.430.000 (2013)
Area: 1.200.000 km2
Medium Yearly Income: 10.500 USD (2012)
Mothers 15-19 years old: 229.000 (2002)
Murders per year: 1.535 (2010)
Registered Personal Robberies per year: 15.500 (2013)
Humans Hurt in Traffic Accidents per year: 15.000 (2013)
Fatal Traffic Accidents per year: 1000 (2013)
Analphabets: 2% (2013)
Street Population: 5000 (2013)


These are averages and cannot be seen as definite.

Average Rainfall in Rio

Average Temperature in Rio

Average Sun Hours

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