This page contains useful tourist info that you might need when you visit Rio de Janeiro. This is the place to find out where to get your visa extended or how the hospitals work. In order to fit all this info in I have sub-sections, just click on the links to get to those pages. First I’d like to state that Rio de Janeiro is a modern city and although everything doesn’t work like a clock it has all the services of a modern 21st century city.

Links to Pages With Tourist Info

The first I talk about is Security in Rio and How to Stay Safe. A lot has been said about it but hopefully I will be able to give you some pointers on how it’s best to behave here.

The next section is about Pharmacies and Hospitals in Rio. Where you should go if you get ill and some useful tips.

Tourist Police & The Rio Police. This is an important one, unfortunately many people have to contact the police after getting robbed. In case this happens you need a police report to get money from your insurance company. Here I explain how to go about it. I also explain a bit about the police in general.

Many people want to extend their Visa in Rio go here to find out how and where and what the rules are. Check out Brazilian Permanency & Long Term Visas for all the options available if you have plans to spend a longer time in Rio or Brazil – all about permancies, work-, student- and investment-visas.

The section with Facts About Rio de Janeiro has info about population size, crime rates and average rainfall.

Next is a list of the Consulates in Rio and some useful info about Banks and Foreign Exchange in Rio.

I also have sections on Post Offices in Rio and Phonecalls and Internet in Rio. Last is my page with Churches in Rio – Services for Foreigners.

Brazil Information

There are a few sites about travel in Brazil. The first I want to mention is the official tourism site for Brazil Embratur, it is truly a great place to find information. Another site I recommend is Brasil Turismo, press the American flag and you´ll get a version in English.

I have tried to be as concise as possible. This type of information often change, I’ll do my best to keep it updated. You giving me feedback is really helpful.