Many people have come to me and asked where they can buy a guitar, a pandeiro or some congas. So many people also wants to buy CD´s with Brazilian music. I´ve come across quite a few vinyl freaks looking for those rare LP´s. Here I tried to put some useful info together.

Buying Instruments in Rio de Janeiro

First of all I´d like to recommend a music store that sell lots of unique Brazilian intsruments as well as conventional – most of it second hand. It is Bandolim de Ouro located on R. Mal. Floriano 52, Centro map. I found out about this store when I tried to help a French girl find a samba whistle, she found it and bought one to me as a present – it was 4R$! The telephone number is 2233-2396.

Buying music in Rio - The vinyl shop Baratas da Ribeiro

Baratas da Ribeiro is a really good store for vinyl, the enthusiastic staff also throw shop parties.

Otherwise – with a few exceptions – the best stores are all in the city center, from the Metro station Carioca (go to Subway in Rio for info on how to get there) you have access to some excellent stores. They are concentrated along the streets R. da Carioca, R. da Constituição and R. 7 de setembro. Here are some of the stores:

Musicware, R. do Ouvidor 130, Centro map
Showpoint, R. dos Inválidos 18, Centro map
Musical Carioca, R. da Carioca 89, Centro map
Knob, R. Marquês de Abrantes 177, Flamengo map

Buying CD’s in Rio

Many people come to Rio de Janeiro and fall in love with the music they hear. I have put together a list where you can find new and second hand CD’s :

Musicale, Av. Ns. de Copacabana 1103, Copacabana map also on R. Visconde de Pirajá 207 map
Baratos da Ribeiro, R. Barata Ribeiro 354, Copacabana. My favourite store. map
Toca de Vinicius, R. Vinicius de Moraes 129C, Ipanema. Specialized in Bossanova. map

Buying Vinyl in Rio

Buying vinyl is serious business, I’m well aware of that ever since I got to know Lee, an English guy pretty much supporting his stay here in Rio by buying LP’s and selling them on e-bay. If you have the knowledge you can make some bargains here. In Shopping Siqueira Campos on R. Siqueira Campos 143 in Copacabana you have a few second hand stores where you can dig in. In the stores below you wouldn’t be able to do the same since they know their stuff.

Baratos da Ribeiro, R. Barata Ribeiro 354, Copacabana map A really good place to shop for vinyl since it is a meeting place for vinyl freaks in Rio de Janeiro.
Musicale, Av. Ns. de Copacabana 1103, Copacabana map