Is it raining and you want to go to a cinema in Rio? Here I have described how you can find out what is on, where and when. Let us start with some general info.

To Think About When Going to the Cinema in Rio

One of the first questions you have to ask yourself is if the film is dubbed or subtitled. Most foreign films are subtitled, it then says legendado, that means if it’s a French film the sound is original and you have Portuguese subtitles. If it says dublado it means you have the dreaded voice-over and no subtitles. Dublado-films are more common for children’s movies and in Rio’s suburbs, but it is always good to check before paying the entrance. The price is around 35 R$ but you can get it for half the price with an international student id card!

There are two franchises that own almost all the movie theatres in Rio. The largest being Severiano Ribeiro and the other is Cinemark. Clicking on the links will take you to their sites and with a bit of navigation you can get all the info you need about which movies are on and where. You also have that same info listed in the newspaper O Globo everyday.

Independent Cinemas

There are quite a few smaller independent cinemas scattered throughout Rio’s Zona Sul. Most appear in the newspaper O Globo in the Segundo Caderno section. You can also make an online search on their homepage at O Globos Cinema Search. This page is really good for finding where the less mainstream movies are showing.

Film Festivals

Every year there are two film festivals. The biggest is the international Festival do Rio, two weeks of international films, lectures and events. It takes place all over the city but its base is at the oldest cinema in Rio: Cine Odeon at Praça Floriano 7, Cinelândia, Centro map. You can buy movie passes for a day or for the whole event. On the site you have more detailed info. Normally held in September and/or October. The other one is the Banff Mountain Film Festival that is an American mountaineering festival on tour. It is normally held in October or November, where in the state of Rio it will be held varies.