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“Parabens Hakan! Excelente informacoes sobre o Rio. Um guia mais que completo. Super recomendo!”

Eduardo, Sep 2014

“Wonderful site! Was very impressed with your site, it was straight forward info, better than any other site on the web for English speakers.”

Eric, Jun 2014

“Sweet Jeez. You covered everything, Håkan! Except bowling and scary little bugs hahaha. But that´s excused. Bom trabalho camarada!!”

Robert, Apr 2014

“Sito interessante ed approfondito è il primo che finalmente tratta tutti gli argomenti più importanti ed utili insieme nello stesso sito. grazie e davvero complimenti!!!”

Amelia, Feb 2014

“Great site given the link to friends that live here so that other gringos visiting that work in entertainment have a good reference site.. Keep up the good work!! Love the rainy day ideas!”

Jonas, Nov 2013

“I just wanted to thank you for this site. I am writing a college paper on Rio and until i found your page I was struggling to find much of the information i was looking for. Awesome site and again thank you.”

Mike, Apr 2013

“…I would like to say your website is great! Very interesting and helpful.”

William, Apr 2013

“This is obviously THE ULTIMATE RIO GUIDE for gringos! NO DOUBT! That´s it!”

Rubin, Jan 2013

“…haha I just wanted to thank you for putting together such wonderful information about Rio! I am Brazilian but I have never been to Rio, so I was looking for some good info and came across your website!! I have been leaving in US for seven years now, married to a gringo. Maybe I need to show him your website so he can see that it is not as bad as he thinks!!”

Danielle, Dec 2012

“A very good website! I really appreciated the fact that I could find info on local markets in a language I could understand 🙂 Thanks!”

Tatiana, Oct 2012

“Thanks for the info across the site. It was invaluable in experiencing fully and safely. Many thanks!”

Glynn, Oct 2012

“Hi,there ‘Just would like to say thanks for a great Website!’ It has been the most useful & well organised I have found. Thanks! Keep up the good work!”

Lisa, Sep 2012

“This site has been so helpful! I’m preparing to host a business conference in Rio so have visited many sites to find out info about logistics, lodging, etc., but this site has been the most informative, pragmatic and useful one that I’ve found. Thank you!”

Margaret, May 2012

“I looked at many sites and even bought Fodor’s guide. Your site was the most helpfyl and informative. Thanks! Keep up the good work!”

Renu, Dec 2011

“We discovered this page while in Rio and it proved to be really, really helpful. Thanks a lot for all the tips and your work on this page.”

Patrice and Olivia, Dec 2011

“What a great site. Very complete, helpful and hands-on. My first time in Rio is more complete with all the info provided. I’ll tell my Belgian friends to check this site for sure. Obrigado.”

Wout, Oct 2011

“What a wonderful website – thank you very much for all the tips.”

Mariam, Aug 2011

“Just wanted say thanks for a great website! Its been the most useful and well organised I have found and helping me with my research in trying to move over there for a short while. I’m very excited now about my initial trip in a couple weeks. thanks again”

Helen, Apr 2011

“Hello, Congratulations! Your website is really amazing. You go beyond trivia and immerse people into Rio’s vibe. I’m from South Brazil and I’ve been living here for over 2 years now. I love this city. Keep up with the good work.

Alexandre, Mar 2011

“I loved ur website it was really helpul. I’m visiting rio in a few days and I’m taking all ur advices. thanks for ur help :)”

Maria José, Jan 2011

“Thank you very much – love your site! Lots of very good information.”

Michelle, Oct 2010

“Your site provides so much good information about everything one can think of. We are planning our second trip to Brazil in a few weeks. Your site makes me want to stay in the Rio area to experience a bit more of it. We will only be in Rio for 2 days …on my list is the beach and Impanema market. So…many thanks for the time and work that has gone into this awesome site. Regards.”

Gisele, Oct 2010

“Your website is great, I was just reading the New years info. That helps alot. Thanks”

Ryan, Oct 2010

“Vilken bra sida du har och du ger väldigt bra korrekt fakta. Keep up the good work, respect.”

Carlos, Jul 2008

“Hi Hakan, first of all let me tell you that your site rocks! Most of the Brasil travel page I have seen deal with the usual Corcovado/Carnival stuff which does not interest me too much. On your site I found immediately information about the things that I am going to Rio for: surfing and jiu-jitsu. Thanks a lot in advance & keep up the good work!”

Frank, Nov 2008

“Your website is so helpful! And you seem like a well-rounded, well-travelled guy which means i can trust what you say. I travel around the world a lot (usually alone) but i havent been to South America yet and Brazil will be my first trip. I will actually be doing this trip with 4 other (male) friends of mine (4 from USA and one from UK). The only issue i see us having is the language barrier since none of us speak Spanish or Portuguese, but hopefully it isn’t too much of a problem. Thanks for your site – it helped a lot!”

Ryan, Dec 2007