The need for vegetarian restaurants in Rio might not be that great. The reason is that the so called a quilo restaurants where you pick the food and pay by weight are very common. Most of the time you can put together a good plate of food there, beware of the black beans though; many times they are cooked with meat stock and bacon so make sure what’s in it. In my list I have not included these a quilo restaurants, my focus is upon establishments with a focus on organic and vegetarian food.

Associação Macrobiotica
R. Embaixador Regis da Oliveira 07, Centro, tel 2220-7585
Comment: Macrobiotic, vegan-friendly

R. Senador Dantas 84 Store G, Centro, tel 2240-5388
Comment: Lacto, juice bar, salad bar

R. Santa Luzia 405 nr 207, Centro, tel 2262-6306
Comment: Macrobiotic

Reino Vegetal
R. Luiz de Camões 98, Centro, tel 2221-7416

Restaurante Tempeh
R. Primeiro de Março 24, Centro, tel 2232-8007
Comment: Vegan, buffet, salad-bar

Restaurante Vegetariano Beterraba
R. da Alfândega 25, Centro, tel 2253-7460
Type of Food: Vegan

Vegan Vegan
R. Voluntários da Pátria 402, Botafogo tel 2286-7088
Comment: Yes, vegan.

Empório Saúde
R. Visconde de Pirajá 414, Ipanema, tel 2522-1494
Comment: Vegetarian

Gávea Integral
R. Marquês de São Vicente 75, Gávea, tel 2512-2283

R. do Carmo 38, Centro, tel 2252-5356
Comment: One of the first vegetarian restaurants in Rio.

Sabor Saúde
R. da Quitanda 21, Centro, tel 2252-6041

Verde Vício
R. Buenos Aires 22, Centro, tel 2233-9602