There are a few gay nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, I have listed them on this page. There is more than nightclubs on the Gay & Lesbian Scene (here after GLS) in Rio. On sunny days the beach close to Posto 8 (Lifeguard Tower 8) in Ipanema is full of gay from all over the world, straight up from there is Rua Farme de Amoedo where there is quite a few bars with GLS profiles. I have mentioned some of these places in my Bars in Rio section.

Gay Nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro


The Week
Open: Sat from 00h
Comments: Big with an international ambience. Check website for what´s on since sometimes they have big names coming. Located close to the city centre, go there in a taxi.
Music Style: Electro, House and concerts
Food: No
Dresscode: No
How much money to bring?: 60R$-120R$
Address: R. Sacadura Cabral 154, Saude map
Phone: 2253-1020
Site: The Week

Boy George

00 (Zero Zero)
Open: Thu-Sat from 22h
Comments: Program vary, some nights are GLS. Half open space with a relaxed ambience.
Music Style: Electro, House, Hip Hop, Afro, check site
Food: Contemporary
Dresscode: Smart Casual
How much money to bring?: 70R$-150R$
Address: Av. Padre Leonel Franca 240, Gávea map
Phone: 2540-8041
Site: 00

Open: Thu-Sat from 23h
Comments: A mixed gay and alternative crowd come here to have fun on the crowded dance floor. One of the few nightclubs in Rio located in this part of Copacabana.
Music Style: Thursday is rock night, otherwise Electronic and Alternative
Food: No
Dresscode: No
How much money to bring?: 50R$-100R$
Address: R. Siqueira Campos 143 loja 22A, Copacabana map
Phone: 2548-7498
Site: Fosfobox

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