During the Rio de Janeiro Carnival accommodation in all forms will at least triple their prices. This is the time of year when everyone in the tourism industry tries to gain as much as possible. So what is the best way to arrange your accommodation during this time?

Reserve Your Carnival Accommodation in Time

First and foremost make your reservation well in time, this gives you control over where you will be staying, the more popular options goes first. For hostels it may be good to start inquiring in August or September, for hotels and apartments even earlier. There will always be solutions but they may be expensive and/or bad.

Choose Type of Accommodation

It’s important to pick the right accommodation for you and your needs. I will explain a bit about the advantages/disadvantages of certain types of Carnival accommodation.

Are as a rule really expensive, they try to squeeze every penny from their guests. They offer a wide array of Carnival activities, all of them expensive and with high commissions going to the hotel. The hotels work with several season prices so starting from the end of December until after Carnival they have significantly higher prices, the actual Carnival week they all work with pricey packages.

Are of course cheaper than the hotels and since the prices basically stay the same all year round it is only during the actual Carnival week you will have to pay the really high prices. Most places at least triple their prices. If you stay at a good hostel you will get tips and info that will help you to a good Carnival. The big advantage with a hostel is that you will have a group of people to party with, namely the other guests. If you are a single traveller it is for sure the best option.

Are also good and if you are a few people you can get some good deals by cramming together a bit. There are several apartment agencies out there, shop around well in time and you will get the best deals. You can actually start your search as early as May. Staying in an apartment you have to be more independent and able to arrange and find things out for yourselves. Today many people book their accommodation through airbnb.com, just a word of warning, be a little bit careful since there have been a few scams in Rio with these flats.

Around the State?

In the resorts around Rio like Búzios and Ilha Grande the prices also multiplies, this due to all the people from Rio who flee Rio during Carnival. Reservations will have to be made well in time. The Carnival accommodation situation is actually a bit complicated all over Brazil.