If you have been looking for a online Portuguese dictionary you soon will have realized that there are quite few out there. If you as well have tried to use them it becomes obvious that all of them are not good. Even for the most common, which is English-Portuguese translation, they are sometimes very limited. If you need a good Portuguese English dictionary (or Portuguese to any other language) you still should buy a book. I have listed some free online dictionaries that I know of below.

Free Online Portuguese Dictionaries

What I have listed here is a selection, feel free to recommend other sites to me. I have tried to find as many of the major languages as possible. Now to the sites:

Woxikon This one is really easy to use and in my view the best. Just type in the word you want to have translated and it appears in all other featured languages: Swedish, Portuguese, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and German.

Wikiled At this excellent site you have translations to many languages like: Farsi, Croatian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Thai, Yiddish and more. There are no African or Indian languages.

Stars21 This last one is for all other languages not available on the sites above. For most of these you first have to translate to English and then to your desired language. This is a great resource if you have a bit of patience.

a-China Mandarin is the biggest language in the world and this is the most popular tool for translating it to Portuguese and vice verse.

bab.la A great site with plenty of useful phrases in Portuguese.

There are many paid for dictionaries that I haven’t mentioned on this page. From what I have seen I don’t think they have a higher standard than any of the free ones.

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