All these Capoeira videos are from Youtube. There is a lot more out there than this. Some of the comments are mine and then they are in quotes, but most of them are from the makers. The description of each clip is located under it.

Capoeira Videos

Mestre Espirro Mirim’s of Group Cordao de Ouro, 2006 Capoeira Showreel. Considered to among the best capoeiristas in the world and by many the absolute best. With the blessing and help of Mestre Ponciano of CDOL, Mestre Espirro worked with Capoeira Science for over a week across several locations to bring you this Capoeira video clip showcasing his unbelievable talent nurtured throughout more than 25 years of training and dedication that only true martial-artists could ever begin to understand. His skill is matched by few. “Shows the full contact style.”

Cool clip, Watch Narcelios full length Capoeira showreel and see exactly what it means to be a capoeirista at this level. His unmatched agility, skill, speed and bravery are repute throughout the world of Capoeira. He’s the reason I travelled for two days crammed into flatbad trucks across sand roads swamped with torrential rains and remote villages skirting the Brazilian desert to end up in a shanty town on the outskirts of Fortaleza. I then spent 3 days bussing around his favourite training haunts, places that sent Mestre Espirro wild with fury when he realised the danger I had apparently been in. It was an exhausting trip but this incredible capoeira showreel makes it all worthwhile. Narcelio will blow your mind!

“Full contact match.”

Performed by Mestres. “Good example of the slower more ritualistic Angola style.”

Nice clip from New York that well shows the music and the style Angola. “I really think this one is nice, shows well how the music and the movements all are sustained by the group that is the roda.”