Many people visiting Rio want to buy Capoeira pants in Rio, practioners of the sport/game and others. The absolute best advice is to talk to a Capoeira school. Just click here to get some addresses to Capoeira Classes and you’ll be on your way. These are also great places to find out where you can buy instruments; while making your own berimbáu is part of your basic training the other instruments like the pandeiro has to be purchased. At the Capoeira schools you most likely will come in contact with dedicated and informed people that can help you out, and perhaps even make you attend a lesson. In the end of the day, Capoeira pants are for people who play Capoeira right?

Just the Tourist Capoeira Pants?

This is easy, they have quite a good selection at the Copacabana Night Market, just click here to get to my page about Markets in Rio and you’ll come to my page about different markets in Rio and some specific about this one. However this is not the “real stuff”. An excellent place to buy authentic wear is Encontro de Capoeira – Sônia Matta Ghato. Here you have everything you need; CD´s, clothes and instruments. It is located in the center of Rio close to the Metro station Uruguaiana, the address is of the shop is Rua da Constituição 35, store 401, Centro map tel 2507-7764.

Capoeira Instruments

The best place to look is in one of the many instrument shops in the city centre, Buying Music in Rio – Cd’s, Vinyl and Instruments click here to get to my page about Buying Music in Rio. I have tried to list the best shops around on that page.

Well that’s it! Unfortunately I don’t have more info on the subject, if you have please share it with me.

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