Are you interested in taking Capoeira classes in Rio? This is quite simply a list of some academías (schools) in Rio. They are not recommended by me, just listed.

Capoeira Classes in Rio

Mestre Nestor Galpão das Artes Urbanas R. Padre Leonel Franca map (in front of the Planetarium), Gávea. This is where my good friend Fifi used to train and I´m pretty sure it´s really good. All the info you need is on his site.
Site: Nestor Capoeira

Jorge Itapuã Beiramar R. Visconde de Pirajá 608 room 608, Ipanema map. He was also indicated by Fifi but she is not sure about the status of his school since he has been working a lot in Europe. Anyway on the site you find some cool clips (capoeira the leaf on the bottom right). If you type “Jorge Itapuã” on Youtube you will get some nice videos to watch.
Site: Jorge Itapuã Beiramar

Brincadeira de Angola – For Children Capoeira for children is the newest fad in Rio. This is a school for kids.
Site: Brincadeira de Angola

Mattaghato Capoeira R. da Constituição 35 sala 401, Centro. map. Tel: 2507-7764
E mail: mattaghato|at|

Fundação Internacional de Capoeira Angola (FICA) Ladeira da Glória 98, Glória map.
Site: FICA – Rio de Janeiro

Associacao Lagoa Azul Capoeira R. Major Rubems Vas (in the Gávea firestation), Gávea map, Phone 99108-1253.

Brilho do Sol Travessa Agra Filho 92, Santa Teresa map, Phone 3971-0962.

Espaço MOVA Rua Camuirano 76, Botafogo map, Phone 98287-6546 and 97127-2157. Capoeira Angola, Yoga and other cool activities.
Site: Espaço MOVA