You will recognize some of these Ipanema beach photos from other pages on my site, here the resolution is higher. Click on Ipanema Beach if you want to go to my page with history, tips and lots more.

Ipanema Beach Photos

View of the beach with Dois Irmões in the background. Photo copyright

Ipanema Beach Photos - Posto 9

There are life guard towers along the beach, these so called Postos are popular reference points. Photo copyright

Football goals on Ipanema Beach

Along the beach you have various volleyball nets and football goals. Photo copyright

Posto 9 Ipanema Beach

Around Posto 9 is where the young and hip meet up, the crowd is always dense. Photo copyright

Sunset on Ipanema Beach.

Sunset on Ipanema Beach. Photo copyright


View from Arpoador rock. Photo copyright Andreas Lönnqvist.

Arpoador rainstorm

Rain is on its way. Photo copyright Andreas Lönnqvist.

Surfing Arpoador

Arpoador is the most popular surfspot in Rio. Photo copyright Andreas Lönnqvist.

Surfers Arpoador

Surfers on their way home. Photo copyright Andreas Lönnqvist.

Arpoador open air gym.

There is a open air free gym in Arpoador. Photo copyright

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