On this page i have a collection of my Copacabana beach photos. When they are not taken by me it is stated in the comment. Some of these are used on other parts of my size, but here the resolution is higher. Click on Copacabana Beach and you will get to my page with history, tips and lots more. Enjoy!

Copacabana beach photos

The beachwalk is always full of life, you have street vendors, tourists and joggers all at the same place. Photo copyright Andreas Lönnqvist.

Copacabana baech photos - Pattern sidewalk

The famous pattern on the sidewalk was designed by Roberto Burle-Marx, it symbolizes the racial mix of Brazil. Photo copyright Andreas Lönnqvist.

Sand castle Copacabana

Along the beachwalk you have many sand sculptures. Photo copyright Gringo-Rio.com

Fishermen Copacabana

On the Arpoador end of the beach the fishermen still go out with their boats. Photo copyright Gringo-Rio.com

Copacabana beach photos - vendor

The beach is a good place to do your shopping, pretty cheap and very relaxed. Photo copyright Andreas Lönnqvist.

Cleaning Copacabana beach

Everyday the sand has to be cleaned, this is handled by the Rio Prefeitura. Photo copyright Gringo-Rio.com

View of Sugarloaf from Copacabana Beach

You get a good view of The Sugarloaf from Copacabana. Photo copyright Gringo-Rio.com

Copacabana Beach Photos - Early morning

Early in the morning you can have the beach almost to yourself. Photo copyright Gringo-Rio.com

Coconut delivery on Copacabana beach.

Everyday thousands of green coconuts are delivered to satisfy thirsty customers. Photo copyright Gringo-Rio.com

Copacabana Palace

Copacabana Palace is the most famous landmark in Copacabana. For almost a hundred years it has attracted the international jet-set. Photo copyright Gringo-Rio.com

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