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This page about Rio de Janeiro is more or less an attempt to organize the content of this site for the convenience of the visitors. This section holds general information about Rio as a city with info about weather and neighbourhoods, there are lots of good photos. From here links go to sub-sections that in their turn hold links to pages with more specific information.

About Rio and Its Neighbourhoods

The first sub-section is about Neighbourhoods in Rio, just click this link to get there. On the main page I have tried to describe the history of Rio de Janeiro. Then there are links to pages about most famous neighbourhoods in Rio, it describes history as well as the main features. There are loads of photos from old Rio as well.

Weather and Waves

This is where you can find out all about climate and weather conditions. It also has a link to my page about surf conditions. Just click Waves and Weather in Rio and you will get to there.

Web Cams and Pictures of Rio de Janeiro

As the title suggest, this sub-section is a collection of photos of mine and friends of mine. They are in a higher resolution than in other parts of the site. I gladly accept contributions to this section, great photos of Rio (and in particular less common motifs) are more than welcome, just contact me through the button on the navbar if interested! I also have some webcams listed.

Maps of Rio de Janiero

This actually is just one page. It is mainly a collection of Google maps I created to make easy for print out or use in a smartphone. There is also a Metrô map and a link to a great pdf map of the Rio state. Click Maps of Rio de Janeiro to get there.

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